Automated/Semi Automated Delivery Subscription



First Month Free then $50 per month

Five Star Home Delivery has been providing delivery services for consumers and retail stores in Bermuda for over 10 years. We are constantly expanding and looking for sustainable and innovative ways to provide the most reliable delivery service possible.

Automated Same Day Delivery

We are now offering Automated Same Day Delivery to our retail store customers for a fast and less cumbersome way to get orders picked up and delivered. Same day delivery helps your business stay competitive and customer-friendly in the local retail space. In the past retailers would have to email us if they had orders to be delivered from off their websites. With Automated Same Day Delivery we will integrate your website into our system so that once you mark an order as Ready For Pickup or Fullfilled it will send the order to our system to be picked up and delivered.

Semi-Automated Same Day Delivery

Is automation not for you or you do not have a website? That is fine too. We have made it simple for our retailers who do not want Automated Delivery to book their pick ups Semi-Automated. With Semi-Automation you can create an account with us and book your pickups and deliveries quickly. Just put the name, address and contact information of the pickup and delivery and click submit and you are done. Our system will even store your customer's information for future bookings thus saving you more time.